About Willem

20 years ago Willem fell in love with digital editing which was just about to become very popular. After getting his first digital camera he realised he could take control of the whole process of filmmaking.


For a decade he was involved in television, but things moved when the fist dslr camera's where introduced. Now it was possible to make beautiful images using photo lenses. Willem sold his big shouldercamera and choose a more artristic approach to this work. That turned out to be a very fulfilling choice.


After receiving a Vimeo Staff Pick for his cinematic poem "All The Way" he was quickly discoved by international agencies who wanted his style for their clients. Half the work you will find in his portfolio here, is not commissioned, but it did motivate companies like Yamaha, Olvi's and LPJeans to hire his skills.


If you are looking for a director and/or someone to help you find the way in making your cinematic brandmovie or corporate video, please contact him.