Inspirational Video

Most of the time it’s not enough to just inform the people who you want to reach through a commercial or web video about your product. Your audience might notice your message, but it will not stick around for long. A much better way is to inspire and show people what triggers your and what are you passionate about, because this really says who you are and what you are about. One of the most successful inspirational video’s of Willem Martinot is “All The Way” which has reached a large audience without social media campaigns. This inspirational video is not about a company or a product, but it tells you what its creator is about, because it’s personal and intimate. Therefore, maybe, also universal because we like the world to be personal and not just commercial.

Cinematic Poem

A cinematic poem is not just a poem with images. The voiceover and music are just as important and create a new way of expressing the words. Also the images have to enhance the words. Willem Martinot created his first cinematic poem “All The Way” based on a poem by Charles Bukowski, but his recent visual poem is based on his own writing. “Embrace” is about a woman who suffers from heartache, but she manages to pull through. The woman is portrayed by the Dutch actress Selma Copijn and the voiceover is recorded with the Swedish Jetmira Sedijaj who lives in Holland. The great track “illusions” by Michael Cameneti is licensed via The Music Bed.
Cinematic poems are also a nice and original way to promote your projects, ventures and products.


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